ACDCPLACES.com was born in the beginning of 2022 from an original idea of Gabriele Temporiti, who has been managing since 2003 the website AC/DC Italia (www.acdc-italia.com).

The goal was clear from the beginning: to create the first interactive map dedicated to the world of AC/DC. A website where visitors can discover all the points of interest around the world related to the history of the Greatest Rock'n'Roll band, making them a stop during their next trip or, why not, even a destination. Thanks to this interactive map with description, address, precise street view link and GPS coordinates of each single place, it is now possible to have on a single page dozens of locations, more or lesser known, and jump from one side of the planet to another with a single click. How? Check this page.

This website is the result of years of passion and countless hours of work and research and it is not for profit. Please contact or provide a link to “www.acdcplaces.com” if you want to share some of its contents on your pages. Thanks to longtime friends (and colleagues in AC/DC Italia) Marco, Andrea, Massimiliano and Diego for the support in this project sharing their passion for the band, their time and patience. Daniela for translation support and Massimo from Perth for technical help.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.