How to use

Website navigation is very simple. In the interactive map you can find the points of interest divided in 5 categories (constantly updated), each one marked by a thunderbolt of a different color, using the list next to the map you can put a flag on the category to choose which ones you want to see.

You can easily enlarge or reduce the map focusing on the area you are interested in with + or – on the top rights of the map, square button is to return to global view. Then, clicking on each thunderbolt (or on a place listed below categories) will open the related page with name of the location, brief description, address, street view (please note that street view position can slighty change between desktop and mobile device) and GPS coordinates useful to reach it. Zoom in, especially in Australia or the UK, to find other locations of interest in nearby locations.

ICONIC PLACES (Red Lightning)
This category includes all the places that have had a more or less important role in the group's biography.

The locations of the most important and significant concerts and the venues representing an important step in the history of AC/DC, including those in which official live videos were recorded.

BON SCOTT PLACES (Purple Lightning)
Bon defined himself as the lightning bolt between AC and DC and we could not have any other choice rather than dedicate an entire category to him. From Scotland to Australia, you can find all inherent places related to the historic frontman of the group.

Category including all the studios and external locations where promotional video clips and interviews were recorded.

RECORDING STUDIOS (Yellow Lightning)
The recording studios where the group's albums came to life.