Bondi Lifesavers Club

It was a piece of history of the Sydney music scene for about a decade, from 1971 to 1980. All the most historic bands Australians passed through the Bondi Lifesavers Club. Among the numerous concerts held by the band, the date of March 27th 1976 was epic, considered the 'goodbye' concert before the departure for the English "Lock Up Your Daughters Tour". The concert was also memorable for another reason: Angus is said to have staged the historic striptease for the first time. In 1977 the band triumphantly returned to their homeland after the first leg of the European tour of "Let There Be Rock" and it is said that in July of that year (before leaving for the USA) AC/DC had held two secret concerts, to financially help the boys of the club. The 2 concerts also saw Cliff Williams debut on bass. In 1980 the structure was demolished. Today in its place the wall of the EastGate parking lot.


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