The Rijnhal

On 13th of July 1979, AC/DC gave their famous concert special for "Countdown", in Arnhem, The Netherlands. "Countdown" was a popular dutch TV program broadcasted by the public broadcasting system Veronica from 1978 to 1994. The venue, an event centre, was called at the time "The Rijnhal" and was closed in 2015 and re-opened as a sports store. Special note: the openers that day were a dutch band called "Normaal" Their lead singer and guitarist was the ex boyfriend of Ellen Van Lochem, Angus Young's wife. Thanks to "Thankass" user from Forum.

  • Address: Olympus 1, 6832 EL Arnhem, Netherlands
  • Street View: Click here
  • GPS coordinates: 51.96367160872636, 5.901076041588166
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©/Source AC/DC YouTube - Photo: Unknown

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